Copy of About Us

                             Our Story.

MamaGas Enterprise has been a local shop over a decade now. Quality products is our hallmark. This inspiration is in memory of my mom who stood for quality lifestyle that influenced her life choices and this has helped her children to get better future.


MamaGas is focused on four major collection; thus Baby products, Games and Toys, Wellness and Hygiene, Hair Extension and wigs. Our Games and Toys collection may include products that are trending and that we at MamaGas feels will make like easy for a newborn baby, parents and the entire family.



Our baby products is quality inspired, they are original and also rich in details to suit our newborn and aging children’s needs.Every piece of our baby products have been well researched to meet safety standards, it expresses love and further brings life to our little ones.



In order for new mom and dad to stay safe and up and doing, we have incorporated wellness and hygiene products to help revitalized and boost our new parents back in shape. Some women especially, feels their most enjoyable part of their life is over after delivery but we want to tell moms that their life can be back to normal and even better if they use the right exercises/yoga tools and wellness products.

Due to post and prepartum conditions like depression for new moms, some women can leave their hair unhealthy and sometimes, genuinely don’t know easy ways to use to handle their hair issues in order to keep their hair in good health. This is where MamaGas comes in to provide some beauty hair products to help reduce postpartum depressions and also to keep their beauty to the next level. As the saying goes, “your hair is your beauty” and we try to make parents, single moms, singles make right choices when it comes to hair selections. This hair products are tailored to the needs of our colored people in resolving their hair issues.