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About/Our Story


MamaGas Enterprise has been a local shop over a decade now. Quality products is our hallmark. This inspiration is in memory of my mom who stood for quality lifestyle that influenced her life choices and has helped her children to get better future.

MamaGas is focused on six major baby collections including Baby Toys and Games, Car stroller and Accesories, Bath and Bedding, Nursery and Home Decor, Wellness and Hygiene and Shoes and Clothing. Our Games and Toys collection include products that are trending and that we at MamaGas recommends will make life easy for a newborn baby, parents and the entire family to adjust to each other while having fun.                         

Our baby products is quality inspired, they are original and also rich in details to suit our newborn and aging children’s needs. Every piece of our baby products have been well researched to meet safety standards, it expresses love and further brings life to our little ones.

Shop with us and you will put a long last smile on your little one.