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Kids Wooden Bead Abacuss Counting Frame Educational Learn Maths Toy

Kids Wooden Bead Abacuss Counting Frame Educational Learn Maths Toy

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Kids Wooden Bead Abacus Counting Frame Educational Learn Maths Toy


  • CLASSIC ABACUS LEARNING TOY: Abacus Classic Wooden Toy is a traditional abacus wooden bead counting frame with 100 brightly-colored wooden beads.
  • PRESCHOOL LEARNING TOYS: sturdy wooden math toy, Perfect for young learners. 10 beads in each row (100 count in total). Slide and count the beads with this timeless counting frame, great extension activities to help kids develop early math skills.
  • EARLY EDUCATIONAL TOY : the toddler counting toys promotes counting and math skills at an early age, while also developing color and pattern recognition, hand-eye coordination and fine motor skills. The concept of grasping and moving the beads the will foster a more visual and sensory relationship with numbers and counting.
  • TOOLS FOR KIDS : wooden bead counting frame abacus with 100 brightly colored beads, Great educational toy gift for your kid, help kids from 3 to 5 develop early math, counting, and logical thinking skills.
  • CLASSIC ABACUS FOR KIDS : Wooden bead maze Learning Abacus math for kids calculator toys, Makes it so much easier to teach the kids addition and subtraction.
  • Size: 24*5.5*20CM

Package included:

  • 1 x  Set of Toy

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